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Qui le più recenti e significative produzioni scientifiche della scuola assieme ai finanziamenti ottenuti e vigenti per le attività di ricerca.

Grant e finanziamenti
La Fondazione CARIPLO eroga finanziamenti a fondo perduto per organizzazioni del terzo settore. Un grant di rilievo che permette importanti attività di ricerca per la scuola.
Horizon Eu
CORONADX is an EU-funded project to develop new SARS CoV-2 detection instruments requiring little or no training and eliminating the need to send samples to central laboratories.
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COPD 2019 Paola
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) mortality trends worldwide: An update to 2019
A steady decrease in COPD mortality was observed in most of countries for men, whilst a different trend was observed in women in several countries. Smoking, pollution and occupational exposure play a role. COPD still remains a leading cause of death, in particular in countries with lower socio-demographic indices, despite tobacco-control measures.
A real world analysis of COVID-19 impact on hospitalizations in older adults with chronic conditions from an Italian region
Local health authorities from Bergamo and Insubria provided data regarding healthcare delivery during the pandemic.
Hospitalization went down comparing 2017-2019 to 2020, dipping from 84.624 to 78.345. The only diagnosis related groups that were not involved in such decrease were respiratory pathologies. Patients with cancer suitable for surgical approach were those most affected. Subjects with diabetes have seen an uptick in hospitalizations, possibily relating to COVID-19 complications.
Copertina di Primary Care Diabetes
COVID-19 pandemic impact on people with diabetes: results from a large representative sample of Italian older adults
Pandemic adverse effects occurred but are heterogenous in a population with chronic diseases, who seized the opportunity to improve health behaviours, despite health system difficulties guaranteeing routine care, within and beyond COVID-19
Clinical Characteristics and Potential Risk Factors Associated with the SARS-CoV-2 Infection: Survey on a Health Care Workers (HCWs) Population in Northern Italy
A survey of healthcare workers (HCWs) of San Matteo hospital in Pavia, Italy, has yielded interesting results: median age, BMI, smoking habit, presence of hypertension or other comorbidities were not significantly different between infected and non-infected. Infected subjects among HCWs still higher compared to general population, hence non pharmacological interventions are still crucial to pandemic containment.